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Because creation is at the core of our business ....


Durance has always worked with a wide range of artists and creators who bring a wide range of culture and skills; perfume experts, graphic designers, photographers, designers, painters and sculptors.

Durance has even created a new variety of the old Centifolia rose, called the "Durance rose", naturally.





The Festival of Correspondence


Since 2006 Durance has been a partner of the Festival of Correspondence which celebrates the finest French writers at the Château de Grignan, the cradle of our House's inspiration.

Durance also supports the Festival of Correspondence each year by awarding a grant for the commission of a play on the theme of correspondence and perfume. This work is then read aloud at the Festival of Correspondence at Grignan.





2014 : Jean-Benoît PATRICOT « Darius », éditions de l'Amandier

2013 : Carine LACROIX « Une fille sans personne », L'Avant-scène théâtre  

2012 : Christian SIMEON, « La Vénus au phacochère », L'Avant-scène théâtre.

2011 : Carole THIBAUT, « Moscou la Rouge », TriArtis.

2010 : Denise CHALEM, « Paris septième, mes plus belles années », Actes Sud Papiers.

2009 : Véronique OLMI, « Une séparation », TriArtis.





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