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Melting pieces of perfume

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Our squares melt softly in the perfume warmer to bring forth divine perfumes.

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Melting pieces of perfume

Melting pieces of perfume
  • Wax Melt Warmer Porcelain Vegetal

    Wax Melt Warmer Porcelain Vegetal

    Our Wax Melt Warmer Durance will instantly diffuse your wax melts for an intense fragrance...diffusion.

  • Chauffe Parfum Porcelaine Mosaïque

    Chauffe Parfum Porcelaine Mosaïque

    Notre chauffe parfum "Mosaïque" en porcelaine blanche ajourée pour créer des jeux de lumières élégants...avec ses motifs pétales

  • Oil Burner - Christmas Stars

    Oil Burner - Christmas Stars

    This elegant, original-style perfume warmer will fill your home with the delicate scents of Durance....Light tea light candle supplied and put it in holder. Then place a cube solid on top, or a few drops ambiance extract, synergy or essential oils, mixed a little water.Instructions for use: Do not leave unattended during use. Keep out reach children. Do not touch during use; allow 1/2 hour cooling. Do not use any tea light candles a diameter equal or superior to 40mm. Please, also do not use it more than one hour at a time. After liquid has completely evaporated, do not leave candle to burn and do not add more liquid. Please use essential oils care. In case doubt, consult a specialist.  

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